Our organisation is a mixture of creatives and entrepreneurs with a likeminded goal - to give opportunities to underrepresented communities. This year, we celebrate 9 years of My Runway Group and working with over 15,000 emerging creatives and 500 black businesses.


After overcoming a suicide attempt, Founder Kojo Marfo developed a strong desire to inspire our youth to live fulfilling and rewarding lives. My Runway Show started in 2013, our signature fashion event. In just 3 years, this annual production gave employability opportunities to over 500 emerging creatives in the midlands alone.

In 2016, the tragic loss of our team member to suicide prompted Kojo and the team decided to broaden our engagement within the youth community. My Runway Show had gained significant traction and the team was inundated with requests from those facing challenges related to breaking into the creative industry. Young people were looking for high-profile productions ad campaigns that they could be involved in. This was the start of My Runway Group – a youth empowerment organisation for emerging creatives from underrepresented backgrounds.


Our team includes a combination of individuals with experience across many different industries which gives us a unique blend of business, social and creative.

With a newly formed Board of Directors and production team we are currently focusing on providing career support and commercial visibility to emerging creatives and black businesses. Our new and existing hybrid initiatives and projects aims to level the uneven socio-economic that our community has endured for several years.

For the first time, emerging creatives can access our creative hub in soho for content creation, meetings, hot-desking and presentations whiles black businesses can take advantage of our e-commerce platform to reach new customers nationwide.


Over the last 9 years, we have impacted over 15,000 emerging creatives and over 500 black-owned businesses mainly in UK and also Africa with limited resources. We are on a mission to impact and support over 40,000 creatives and 15,000 black led businesses by 2025.

Our next phase involves securing new brand alliances and leveraging our collaborations with existing organisations to create valuable support experiences for the community. We are keen on opening 5 permanent black concept stores nationwide in key high street areas.

Given we have built a solid track record with very few resources, the future is limitless in terms of My Runway Group will achieve.

Meet The Team

Kojo Marfo
Creative Director