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Youth Art-wareness

Youth Art-Wareness is a groundbreaking initiative by My Runway Group, using art to raise awareness about critical social issues. Emerging artists from across the UK employ diverse art forms to spotlight challenges such as knife crime, drug abuse, celebrity obsession, and homelessness. This impactful project has resonated deeply with the community, drawing over 15,000 attendees during a four-day showcase in Soho. Through powerful and thought-provoking art, Youth Art-Wareness fosters dialogue, education, and action on pressing societal concerns.


A Time to Share is an annual charity project by My Runway Group, offering young people the opportunity to support the homeless community. For the past eight years, this heartwarming initiative has donated household items, clothing, and a chef to celebrate the end of the year at St Mungo's shelter. Through this project, we aim to bring comfort, warmth, and joy to those in need, fostering a spirit of generosity and community among young participants.We plan to host a Time To Share twice a year from 2025.


The Taboo Series by My Runway Group offers vital workshops and seminars addressing forbidden conversations on critical issues such as youth suicide, knife crime, identity, and other mental health challenges impacting the youth community. We invite keynote speakers with lived experience to share their stories and provide valuable advice on the support available to young people. Having tragically lost a team member to suicide, we are deeply committed to raising awareness and ensuring that everyone knows the help and resources available for any issue they may be facing. Through open dialogue and shared experiences, the Taboo Series aims to break the silence and provide much-needed support to our community.

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