We know first hand how difficult it is for black founders and business to access support and attain commercial visibility. This is why we are very keen to level the economic playing field by connecting founders and their business to new markets and funding opportunities.


We're committed to empowering Black businesses through our ‘Black In Carnaby’ experiential retail initiative. By strategically placing brands in high-street areas like Covent Garden, Carnaby, and Somerset House, we provide unparalleled commercial visibility. Additionally, our e-commerce integration with platforms such as Sephora and Debenhams expands our reach, while partnerships with corporate marketplaces and gifting programs further amplify brand exposure. Through these initiatives, we're proud to champion Black entrepreneurship and foster growth in the retail landscape.

The Colour Circle

We're dedicated to fostering growth and opportunity for Black businesses through our Colour Circle initiative. This networking dinner and focus group sessions provides a platform for Black founders to connect with new business relations and access the networks necessary for their growth, including funding opportunities and new ventures. Connecting black founders and industry players serves as a valuable source of information for brands, offering insights from marginalised founders and talent within the Black community. Through Color Circle, we're proud to facilitate meaningful connections and empower Black entrepreneurs to thrive in the business world.


Run Gala One of our favourite initiatives to produce, seeks to empower Black businesses through initiatives like the Run Gala. This biannual networking ball brings together over 500 Black founders and allies at prestigious venues like the London Coliseum. Here, attendees have the opportunity to forge new relationships, build networks, and explore future partnerships and opportunities. With keynote speeches from prominent figures in our communities, including MPs, Mayors, venture capitalists, and angel investors, the Run Gala serves as a catalyst for growth and collaboration within the Black business community whilst honouring outstanding individuals who have achieved remarkable success in the year of review.