Over the last 11 years My Runway Group has being a conduit and a springboard  between emerging creatives and new opportunities in the creative industry. Using multiple projects that focuses on creative development, mentorship and creative employability

Creatives Beyond borders

We believe creatives shouldn’t be limited by the colour of their passports, visa issues or race. We're passionate about fostering cultural exchange and providing opportunities for emerging creatives through initiatives like Creatives Beyond Borders. This program connects creatives from the UK and Africa, offering them new opportunities and audience for growth and exposure. Through masterclasses, panel discussions, workshops, and showcases in key venues, we aim to facilitate collaboration, empower talent, and expand the reach of emerging creatives on a global scale. By bridging the gap between continents, Creatives Beyond Borders opens doors to a new world of possibilities inspired by creativity and diversity.


Do you sometimes wish your younger self had access to career guidance? Pursuing  F.A.M.E. is our emerging creative development initiative for the next industry leaders. This educational and mentorship program is designed for those who aspire to pursue careers in Fashion, Arts, Music, and Entertainment (F.A.M.E). Through workshops, industry sessions with global brands, and mentorship opportunities, we empower participants to develop key skills and knowledge essential for success in the creative industry. By fostering talent and providing invaluable guidance, PURSUING F.A.M.E aims to equip emerging creatives with the tools they need to thrive and excel in their chosen fields.

Home & Away Festival

Home and Away, the upcoming cultural exchange festival by My Runway Group in 2025, promises to be a dynamic and enriching experience for African and British creatives alike. Through a full day of mixed showcases, experiential activations, panel talks, art exhibitions, and performances, the festival will celebrate and highlight the diverse talents of creatives from both regions. This immersive event aims to foster connections, collaboration, and cultural exchange, creating opportunities for creatives to showcase their work and forge meaningful relationships across borders.