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Our organisation is a mixture of like minded creatives and entrepreneurs with one defined goal - to give opportunities to underrepresented communities. This year, we celebrate 10 years of My Runway Group and working with over 15,000 emerging creatives and 500 black businesses.


The story of My Runway Group is deeply intertwined with the personal journey of our founder, Kojo Marfo. As an immigrant in the UK, Kojo faced numerous challenges in his pursuit of a better life. Amidst these struggles, Kojo overcame a suicide attempt and found solace and purpose in his creativity. However, Kojo soon realised that being a black founder and creative in the UK came with its own set of barriers and obstacles. Discrimination, lack of representation, and limited access to opportunities were prevalent challenges within the creative industry.

Determined to break down these barriers and create a more inclusive and equitable space for emerging creatives, Kojo embarked on a mission to establish My Runway Group, driven by his passion to provide equal opportunities and support for emerging creatives.


Since our establishment in March 2013, My Runway Group has emerged as a transformative force in empowering over 20,000 emerging creatives and 500 black-owned brands across the UK and West Africa. The extensive media coverage of our diverse initiatives in global publications reflects the profound impact of our work in elevating emerging talent and promoting diversity and inclusion through strategic partnerships and collaborations with influential organisations worldwide.

With dedicated teams in the UK and West Africa, My Runway Group remains steadfast in its commitment to breaking down socio-economic barriers and providing commercial visibility. brands. By leveraging its expertise, networks, and resources, My Runway Group continues to empower creatives and black-owned brands to overcome challenges and achieve their aspirations.


Our future is driven by our mission statement: ensuring that regardless of economic background or race, every creative or small business owner has equal opportunity to succeed. We recognise the importance of scaling our efforts to foster cultural exchange and collaboration between the UK and creatives and black founders across Africa. Central to our vision for the future is our commitment to impacting 50,000 creatives and 15,000 black-owned brands by 2030.

This comprehensive plan includes flagship projects such as creative festivals and trade shows, designed to driving economic growth within the creative industry.Together, we will build a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and make their mark, regardless of their background or circumstances, just like our founder Kojo Marfo did. 

Meet The

Kojo Marfo
Creative Director
Merritt - Wiliams
Retail Community Liaison
Nothando Mpala
Creative Associate
Nice Cailie
Research & Insight Lead
Sylvie Lombi
Creative Communications Liaison
Jeanette Kabuto
Creative Associate
Kwaku Godson

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