FREE 14 week programme helping young people develop a business out of their passion for sneakers. I would love your help to share it with anyone in your community that would benefit from this opportunity.

This programme sets out to help young 18-30 year old sneakerheads tap into the $3.66bn a year UK pre-loved sneaker market and turn a side-hustle into an income-generating online business. 

What’s included in the programme:

  • Access to eBay’s sneaker team to gain category insights and knowledge

  • Specialist support from Hatch on business topics including marketing, finance and legal

  • Access to eBay’s marketing tools so you know how to optimise products and see real-time results

  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Use of free insights and data-driven tools to help you know where to sell, when to sell, and what price

  • Opportunity to explore free promotional tools that let you create ads to boost your sales

What you’ll get:

  • Zero selling fees for six months on eBay

  • Free shopfront for six months on eBay

  • 1:1 support from dedicated eBay expert and other expert mentors

  • Opportunity to apply to a cash grant of £1500 for your business

Date of programme: 17 May – 14 Aug 2023

Location: Online

Apply here: deadline: 3rd April 2023.