Date: 25th February

  • 12:00pm: Welcome to The Fashion Exchange!
  • 12.30pm: Best channels to build a D2C fashion business
  • 1.00pm: How to work with wholesale for your fashion brand
  • 1.30pm: 10 tips to get your fashion brand featured in the press
  • 2.00pm: Building a socially responsible fashion brand
  • 2.30pm: From take, make and sell to rental, resale and mending: How to be more sustainable
  • 3.00pm: Support for your fashion brand
  • 3.30pm: My journey launching a fashion brand: Gulzhan Namazbaeva, founder of Five Stars Design
  • 4.00pm: How to use social media to engage a small audience
  • 4.30pm: Meet the fashion buyer
  • 4.45pm: Live pitching to buyers
  • 5.10 – 5:30pm: Let’s network


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