The Colour Circle is a networking dinner curated to provide valuable opportunity to inspire, celebrate and share special experiences as small business owners in our community. Twenty (20) black founders from various industries were selected to be a part of this event and Sinead Rose was one of them.

Sinead Rose is a formidable success consultant who has worked with over 80 multi-million dollar firms that are listed on the London, Euronext, and New York Exchanges. She is also the founder of SBO : We Are We, a nonprofit organisation in the UK that is dedicated to empowering women and advancing gender equality. Following the event, she was interviewed by Priscilla Dickson of My Runway Group:

  1. What were your highlights from the Color Circle Dinner?
    It was amazing to connect with so many like-minded individuals from the black community who are trailblazing and making a difference in their fields.
  2. What is one striking thing you learnt from another black founder?
    It is important to network with the aim to connect on a human level vs on a transactional level. Too often people come into networking spaces with the aim to get something transactional from the next person they meet, this tends to limit the connection and the people that can help you get to the next level. Through human connections, opportunities beyond what you can even imagine appear as the result.
  3. What is something you will like to see My Runway Group do more of?
    More events that enable people to connect, work together with measurable impacts – whether it’s a joint charity initiative where people within the community pledge to make a difference towards a particular community challenge.
    My charity We Are We would love to explore what this could look like and how to partner and launch a community project. We focus on providing resources to women within the black community and are looking to launch a campaign to help black female founders who often lack the resources and access to funding.
  4. What would you say to black founders that weren’t at the dinner to inspire them?
    Believe in your hustle
    I know this sounds cliché but having belief in your ability to deliver and create a self-sufficient system is key as it starts with you.
    You will find that other people’s encouragement and belief in you can only take you so far especially during times of uncertainty.
    Through this exciting journey you will also find that opportunities will appear in different forms, some not as beneficial as it seems at first glance. My two key principles that I use to guide me through business are:
    1.Never agree or commit to something there and then, always take time to think about the offer on the table (read between the lines!)
    2.Never do something that compromises your integrity, core foundation and morals even if the offer is good to be true
  5. What did you think about the printed assets provided by Vista?
    I loved the table topics. I feel like it was an extra and personal touch that really made the event more special. It was also a great way to learn about the people at the event and build meaningful relationships in a lighthearted way.
  6. What would you like to say the organizers (MRG x VISTA)
    Thank you for making this happen, these events are important and key for the black business community. These events will ensure the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators have access to opportunity and resources to push their businesses and projects to the next level.You can see more from #TheColourCircle dinner from our Instagram here.

Enjoy the highlights from the networking dinner: