Why Creative Industry Sessions?

Nothing motivates young creative more than listening to other young people who have excelled in their respective creative roles. This peer to peer mode of imparting knowledge was introduced to provide a platform for over 50 panellists to share their career challenges and aspirations to over 1000 emerging creatives with a key interest in their chosen profession. Over the last 5 years, My Runway Group has hosted multiple Creative Industry Sessions in the Music, Fashion, Art and Film Industries.

We have been supported by various organisations such as The British Film Institute (BFI), The British Photographic Institute (BPI) and the Fashion Retail Academy (FRA). Outstanding speakers and facilitators include Dior Bediakor, Once Acen, Thomas Merrigan, Avelino, Preye Crooks, Patrick Lubega and DAPS (Oladapo Fagbenle).

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