Do you feel like you aren't sure of how to keep your business going and growing? Are you confused about how to bring more awareness to your brand?  Do you feel like you have lost some of the enthusiasm you once had for your business? If this is you, then this event is for you! Bosses in Business is a platform created to help people feel the passion and reasons as to why they started their business in the first place. Many events will be held to give entrepreneurs the much needed advice, help with networking, provide workshops etc.  

They have an event which is taking place on the 16th of September, which is themed 'Bosses who add value'. This event will feature many entrepreneurs from many different industries who will share the honest journey of their experience having a business and also will give the floor for questions to be asked. There will also be an exhibition where people have the chance of speaking to the business owners.

This is an event set to encourage and celebrate your business and also set to provide some support and motivation to continue. This is an event that will be very beneficial. If you are interested and wish to see more information, see: