Roundhouse is an organisation which aim to provide inspiration for creative young people to grow and expand creatively. They do this by providing young people the chance to really connect with the arts through music, media and performance projects. By doing so, it will give young people the confidence to achieve more and dream bigger, knowing  that they can achieve it. 

Thousands of 11-25 year olds are given the opportunity to develop skills and confidence in music, media or performing arts through different types of workshops etc. Luckily, for the next few months, they still have a number of opportunities to take part in. A few examples of the projects they have are:

Weekend Taster: Spoken Word For Beginners

This is an opportunity for 16-25 year old who are interested in spoken word and wish to build up their confidence and have a chance to perform.

Summer Film: Film Makers Needed

This is an exciting opportunity for people aged 14-19 who wish to learn the art of film making and want to test out what they have learnt in Roundhouse Studios' film night.

Music Collective

This is an opportunity for 16-25 year olds who are interested in making music, giving them the chance to work with other musicians to create an original sound.

These are just a few of the many opportunities they have. For further information, see website at: 





by Naomi Aregbesola