The BYP Network is a platform to bring black young professionals  between ages 18 and 35 together in order to network, mingle or even date! By being able to connect with other professionals, it enables job opportunities, entrepreneurship opportunities, new friendships and relationships with like minded people. They host a series of networking events where people can have the chance to speak and meet new people.   

To celebrate their business milestone, they will be having an app launch event on 16th of September. The new app will make it make it easier to connect with other professionals. The event is going to be a great night of entertainment from singer Dee Ajayi and a DJ Mr Stunz. The event also has a number of sponsors such as UKBOB (UK Black Owned Business) and Kiwi & Yam clothing brand. 

If you want to have a good time and mingle with other people then grab your tickets while you can! For more information see: