The Common Sense Network involves a team of 100+ bloggers, journalists, commentators etc. This team of people along with many other people are not happy with the mainstream media and want to take action. To do this many people from different fields have joined together to form a people funded news network. Currently 6 big organisations own 81% of the news media, with only 3 organisations dominating the field of news reporting. These big organisations are typically funded by billionaires and other mega corporations, meaning that the news will usually have to represent their interests. This means that there are a lot of issues that should make the news but unfortunately do not make the news. The Common Sense Network aim to change this and by doing so will be a independent platform funded by the people, to suit the interests of the people. 

Their aim is to raise £100,000 in just 50 days in order to fund production, staff, the website, equipment, a university tour and the production of viral videos. So far there have been 160 people who have backed the project. In order for this to take place, they need more people to back the project. On their kickstarter page, they have an interesting video you can watch all about the cause of their project. If you are interested in the project and wish to back, you can read more thorough details and back the project at: