BFI Future Film, The Screen Arts Institute and Euroscript bring to you 'YOU are your story'. Stephen May who is the director of The Screen Arts Institute will be sharing his expertise with a number of 18-25 year olds, to bring out their talent and unique stories. This will be done across 5 days full of emotion, soul searching and story development. The days will be packed full of knowledge shared by Stephen who is very experienced in the areas of writing, producing and directing in the film industry and also mentors from Euroscript who are experts in script and screenwriting. This is a very exciting opportunity for young people who have a passion for script writing and film, and also an opportunity that shouldn't be missed out on. If you yourself or someone you know has a story to tell and is ready to gain skills and a deeper insight into script writing, please see further details on the website at:

by Naomi Aregbesola