We’re back again with Vol. 2 of YouTube’s rising stars, to show you of some talented people who are content creators. This week features another 5 YouTubers who are really doing their thing. This week’s 5 YouTubers you should keep up with are:


Nella Rose’s channel is a fun channel which includes vlogs, hauls, tutorials, hair reviews and collaborations with other YouTubers.  A fun aspect of her channel is that she has discussions with her friends, allowing viewers to really get to know not only herself, but the people she surrounds herself with. If you’re looking for fun videos, this is a channel for you!


The Classic Manny’s channel is all about men’s fashion, vlogs, lifestyle videos and tags. He also does reviews on popular TV shows such as Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Real Housewives of Atlanta, awards shows such as BET awards etc. This is another all-rounder channel that you should definitely check out.


For all things fitness, you need to stop at this channel. After being obese and one point in her life, Scola shares her tips and fitness videos to help people gain the knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle. The videos range from fun workout videos to healthy food recipes. If you want to kick-start your healthy lifestyle journey, grab some tips from her channel.


Debbie Crown’s channel is all about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and inspiration. She has some videos which feature her friends, gaining different perspectives on different issues. Her beauty and fashion also include make-up tutorials etc. If you like inspirational videos, beauty and fashion videos and chit-chat videos then you should watch her space.


If you have an interest in clothes making then you need to subscribe! Magdeline’s channel is a great way to learn more about sewing your own clothes from scratch and also important tips that will also help with clothes making. She makes her own clothes and has come to YouTube to share her designs and talent.

by Naomi Aregbesola