There are more and more talented people becoming content creators on YouTube. This is a great platform for them as it allows them to share their talents, their experiences and simply just their personalities to the viewers. There is a wide range of content which these YouTubers create e.g. fashion, music, comedy, vlogs etc. The hard work of these YouTubers are commended as its not easy getting behind a camera and speaking to possibly thousands of people you do not know, or even sharing your skills with people you do not know.

Each week, 5 YouTubers will be featured with some background info about their channels. In no particular order, here are a few YouTubers that you should definitely keep up with:


The Mo Chunks Show is all about Entertainment, Fashion, Life and Relationships. In her entertainment segments, she discusses the latest hot topics that are trending in the entertainment industry and also holds a number of interviews. She discusses and debates a lot of issues that are occurring in our everyday society on her Life segments. Her fashion segments showcase a range of different outfits and styles which are catered towards curvy girls.


Kike AJ’s channel includes a range of content. Her channel includes vlogs, hair, beauty and fashion videos bringing her viewers in on her new hairstyles, makeup looks and the outfits to wear on different occasions. Her channel also features healthy living and gym videos and chit-chat videos discussing life experiences and her journey with her faith.


If you’re looking for pure comedy, then this may be the channel for you. This channel features a series titled ‘Somewhere in London’. This series follows the lives of 3 main individuals, Patrick the community support officer, DR. OFORI the counsellor and Uber driver, and MC Quakes a rapper/poet. Again if you're up for a laugh, this is for you.


Sarah Destiny’s channel is another channel which touches on a range of content such as vlogs, fashion, hair and beauty, and life talks. Her channel mainly features chit-chat videos where she discusses deep issues such as colourism and also shares her journey with her faith. If you love chatty videos, then this is a channel you’ll love.


Nissy Tee’s channel also features fashion, beauty, vlogs and chit-chat videos. She does hauls of different items and clothing, allows viewers to also get ready with her and vlogs of her daily life. Her channel also contains a number of chit-chat videos which are motivational, giving her advice on different issues an individual may face.

by Naomi Aregbesola