Who We R.


My Runway Group is a platform for youth development and creative growth.

For the past 6 years, My Runway Group has been a youth led creative platform that inspires, innovates and informs. Our passionate team is the driving force behind our productions, everything photography to PR is done in-house, giving experience and responsibility to the youth.  The multi-level platform is specifically designed to be giving young people opportunities. As a collective we can give experience to those interested in various industries from the arts to public relations. The clear and consistent growth we have experienced and are projecting means that it is very profitable for businesses to partner with us.Some of our most important partners are charities because giving back is at the heart of our ideology.  We believe that strong connections with our community will help promote a positive image for future generations to never be held back and realise their full potential.


My Runway Show 

My Runway Show is renowned for being a major annual production combining creatives from various sectors. Fashion, Music, Theatre, Art, Poetry and Visuals unite to create an explosive production which so far has been witnessed by over 6000 people and has assisted over 1000 young creatives nationwide. Our audience is diverse and welcomes those from various backgrounds, this allows for our aims to resonate with many communities and have the furthest reach possible. Staying true to our ideals, we source over 100 young creatives to assist in creating the production every year.The past 6 years of productions has enabled us to create the best show possible and utilise the many contacts we have made on our journey. A recent addition to our event structure is a business space for young entrepreneurs to engage with the public and potential customers. Then an art exhibition by young illustrious artistes followed by the acclaimed fashion production. The production holds not just a fashion show but dancers, theatre, spoken word and many more examples of the unique creativity showcased by our youth community. The experience that this production provides is invaluable to many of the team members. It provides peer-to-peer mentoring, portfolio and CV content, confidence, talent and skill building. The bespoke annual show is one of a kind in Europe and this unique selling point is what makes it so popular. With many sold out shows under our belt, regularly attracting an annual audience numbers of over 1300, we aim to make our message spread further. The social impact that this show can make is unprecedented, it can smash the ceiling of what youth entertainment is and could be. 


 Youth Development / creative agency

Creating world change first starts with changing  society's ideology. Our ethos is why we curate industry nights, workshops and seminars with so many different organisations to equip our future leaders with the right tools and experience needed to make a difference in our generation. After facilitating projects at Conde Nast, Coventry University, Hospital Club, Soap Box and the British Film Institute, our team can provide in-house/industry internship opportunities, references, paid jobs, recommendation and career guiding sessions to the young people involved in our campaigns. This Will Be curated by our in-house creative agency - The Runners. 

Our close relationship with the British Film Institute will see young film makers, screen writers and producers to run youth led workshops across the UK. Our magazine, Run 100 is another resource that our young creatives assembled, the publications concept is a twist on the Forbe’s list. Our list will celebrate creatives nationwide for their skills, success and social impact – qualities we believe are worthier celebration than net worth. 


My Runway Charity

We strongly believe that sharing our time, ideas and possessions is just as important as sharing our platform. Whether donations come in the form of cash or in-kind, we treat our charitable role with great importance. Our mental health awareness series..TABOO is our quarterly event that raises awareness about youth related issues such as Knife Crime and Youth Suicide hence why we are passionate about our partnership with Papyrus, our official charity partner against youth suicide. This connection is a special one, after losing our photographer to suicide we decided to dedicate our annual campaign to creating awareness about Youth Suicide and the help available to young people dealing with mental health issues.  The My Runway in-house charity team donates and feeds the homeless with St Mungo’s at a special event named ‘A Time to Share’. We are pleased to announce that the third year of running events in both England and Ghana with Despite group has been confirmed. We have had amazing community feedback from our efforts in London and we are so excited to be spreading the love to Ghana. The Despite Group will be facilitating our first international projects in December as we donate medical items and stationary to young people in Offinso, Ashanti Region, Ghana, West Africa. 


No matter your area of interest there is a place for you in My Runway Group. Our dream is to engage the youth of our generation in productive and entertaining programmes that will help shape our collective vision and empower our thoughts and ability to change our world. 

This year’s campaign will be our most influential. Welcome back for Season Two of: The Youth Will be Televised


Kojo Marfo BCAa -